To train persons with different abilities in vocational and independent living skills


Joy Workshop, officially registered as the Persatuan Kebajikan Insan Istimewa Melaka, began in March 1999 to assist persons with learning difficulties (client) into employment training and promote independent living.

Training includes aspects of daily living/self-help skills, housekeeping skills, a recycling unit and a Jumble shop, all of which emphasizes on social integration with domestic and community functioning activities including social interpersonal development.

Each client receives a wage including EPF/SOCSO benefits through the programs at the workshop, which enables them to receive a monthly incentive of RM400-450 from the Welfare Department.

We are currently serving 56 of them in 4 programs that is: the Sheltered Workshop, Skills training activities, an Outreach Support program (for those unable to attend daily) and the Supported Employment program where clients in open employment are given on-going support.

The workshop also assists parents/caregivers with government related services and benefits and in behaviour management matters.

Most parents contribute minimally towards F&B so Joy Workshop is mostly dependent on public donations/sponsorship to sustain the centre’s programs.

The Workshop is registered with the Welfare Department, Registrar of Societies, Inland Revenue Board (LHDN) , Malaysian Council for Rehabilitaion and The World Association of Supported Employment (WASE).


Joy Workshop aims to provide them a means of survival in their lifetime disability. Jobs provided are those they are capable of handling thus boosting their confidence, self-esteem and learning to live with dignity.

Other objectives of this workshop include :

  • To train and equip young adults in daily living skills and participate in societal activities
  • To expose them to pre-vocational and work training to prepare them for open employment
  • To promote awareness of the needs of the young adults in coping with life
  • To prepare these adults for integration into the community and lead a healthy lifestyle
  • To encourage parent and family involvement in the training and education of the young adult
  • To provide a sheltered workshop for those incapable of open employment
  • To provide a supported service as a pathway to inclusion through Intowork Melaka
  • To provide a supported service as a pathway to inclusion through Intowork Melaka


Short Term

To provide training in the sheltered workshop then place PwDs into open paid employment.
To manage and sustain the financial operations of PKIIM.

Long Term

To expand its scope of services through a one-stop vocational centre, to help PwDs receive training leading to independent living with support. To set up a retirement home for older PwDs who do not have family/caregivers.

Supported Employment Training

The term “Supported Employment” means competitive work in integrated work settings, or employment in integrated work settings in which
individuals are working towards competitive work, consistent with the strengths, resources, priorities, concerns, abilities, capabilities, interests and informed choice of the individuals with the most significant disabilities.

• For whom competitive employment has not traditionally occurred, or for whom competitive employment has been interrupted or intermittent as a result of a significant disability, and who because of the nature and severity of their disability, need intensive supported employment services.

Supported Employment provides a system of support for people with disabilities in regards to ongoing employment. It provides
assistance such as a job training, and individually tailored supervision.
Supported Employment often refers to both the development of employment opportunities an on-going support for individuals to
maintain employment.

The concept of Supported Employment has made it possible for individuals to maintain employment. The concept of Supported
Employment has made it possible for individuals with moderate to severe levels of disabilities to become active, wage-earning members of the workforce in society.

Components of Supported Employment:

• Vocational profile (used to identify areas of vocational choice)
• Job search
• Job analysis
• Preparation of individually tailored training strategies
• Job placement
• Job coaching
• Identification of natural supports


All cash donations are tax deductible

People who live with disabilities face an uphill task against the misconceptions in society that they are incapable of employment or integration into society.

They see little hope of a fulfilling future, but we firmly believe that together with socially responsible citizens, we are able to suspend the disbelief that people with disabilities should be included and given recognition for their abilities.

In order to maintain and continue our services for people who are different-abled, we need your help !

1. General Public (we need funds to sustain our 14 programmes)
2. Corporate Funders (the society needs a Vocational Centre for the continuation and development of our services to people with disabilities)

Without work they face a life of exclusion
Without your support they face isolation from society

Your contribution is greatly appreciated:
Cheque donations, payable to:
Persatuan Kebajikan Insan Istimewa Melaka

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